Food Loves our Packages

We produce packages ideal for all food industry sectors and specifically designed to store and transport food, keeping it sealed-in and fresh!

Environmentally conscious Packaging

Committed to the environment, we aim to minimize our environmental impact, by applying various practices,
Because we care!

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about us

What We Do
Tadnir develops, produces, prints and sells plastic packaging for the food industry since the 1960's.
Our plastics are based on polypropylene and polyethylene that allow us to develop products fitting the high standards of food packaging.
We have been using injection technology to produce our products since the 1980's. This method together with our plastic development process results in packages that maintain their durability in freezing temperatures and microwave heating and possess high mechanical strength.
Clients can choose to print on a wide variety of products in six colors or use Sleeving. We are here to advise and help you find the solution that suits your branding needs!

We provide various solutions for unique applications by developing new products!

Happy to work with businesses of all sizes and always give top priority to client care 🙂

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