Environmental sustainability is at the heart of all our business decisions,
and we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

We actively work with suppliers, customers, and contractors to improve their environmental performance and source only from suppliers who meet our code of conduct.

Food Packaging in the
Circular Economy

Our product ranges are made with being 100% recyclable food packaging, offering customers truly closed-loop packaging solutions at competitive prices.


Not only do we seek to reduce the amount of energy used in our manufacturing processes, but we also use in solarpanels on our site roof to ensure the electricity that powers our production sites is generated from renewable resources.

Zero Waste to

We continually evaluate operations to minimise waste and ensure we are as efficient as possible. All staff receive waste training including plastic segregation in their induction when they first start and participate in ongoing refresher courses.
Any waste remaining after reducing, reusing, or recycling is sent to Waste to Energy plants for incineration and bioenergy production.

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